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Sasha – My Foster Kitten

When I moved to Texas I found myself twiddling my thumbs with not much to do. My girls were in school, my husband was at work, and I didn’t have many photography jobs yet. While surfing Facebook out of boredom, I came across a post from the Animal Care Services of San Antonio saying they needed foster parents right away! They were, and still are, overfilled with tiny kittens and puppies needing homes until they were big enough to be adopted. It pulled at my heartstrings and I couldn’t find a reason to say no; I definitely had the time and resources. So I went down the next day and picked up two 3 week old kittens. I bottle fed them, every 3 hours, even at night, and kept them warm and safe while they grew. Unfortunately, like many fosters do, we lost one of them at 5 weeks old. It was absolutely devastating for me and my family and we’re still aching a bit over it. Luckily, this sweet girl is thriving and growing like crazy! When she’s not playing and loving on us, she sleeps in our arms. As much as I would love to keep her and hate to think of saying goodbye, we have all the pets we can handle for the moment. She’ll soon reach the 2lb. mark and will be available for adoption! If you know anyone who might love to take her into their home, please don’t hesitate to email me. She will receive all her shots, a microchip, and will be fixed through ACS.

Being that I am a baby photographer, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to photograph her when she became super sleepy, one day. I couldn’t believe she sat still while I wrapped and posed her. She purred and purred while I took my time capturing all her adorableness! Please enjoy these photos and if you have it in your heart, check out your local shelter and open your home to foster or adopt an animal. It’s SO rewarding and you won’t regret it.

Watch a behind the scenes video here!

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