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Hey Y’all!

We did it! We finally made it to Texas and are settling down into our new home. Even better, I have a whole new studio space that will make it possible to book more sessions than ever before. There’s even a space for a future sitting and viewing room… cue day dreaming sequence…. but let’s not get carried away. First step is reaching out to the San Antonio community and giving them the chance to get to know me. As some of you may know, my family and I lived here for 10 years prior to living in Hawaii, but we were on a whole other side of town. Not only am I getting out and meeting my wonderful neighbors, but I’m also searching for new and exciting photography locations! It’s all quite overwhelming but very fun at the same time. I have a few projects planned to keep myself super busy and plan on throwing an official “Studio warming” party so old and new clients can come visit with me and see what’s new. This week I am working on Bluebonnet minis (go check out that blog post) and hope to get a few models in here soon to test everything out. Wish me luck as I get things all ready for an amazing year and please stop by to say hello!

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